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About Us
Panter Associates is a Chicago-based full service architectural and interior design firm established by Steven Panter in 1992.

Steven Panter received his Bachelor of Architecture degree (5 year professional degree) from the University of Idaho (U of I), Moscow, Idaho. 

Kevin Randich received his Bachelor of Architecture degree (5 year professional degree) from the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Steven Panter and Kevin Randich have over 70 years of combined experience in architecture and environmental design. And, we have been working together for over 27 years.

Insurance - Panter Associates carries $2MM in professional liability insurance and $1MM ($2 MM aggregate) in business liability insurance.

NCARB Certified - Steven Panter is National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) certified.
  • An NCARB Certificate means Mr. Panter has met the highest professional standards established by the registration boards responsible for protecting the health safety and welfare of the public.
  • NCARB certification facilitates reciprocal registration / licensing (without taking an exam) among all 54 NCARB boards (all 50 states), 11 Canadian jurisdictions and can be used to support an application for registration in other countries.

Architect Licenses - Steven Panter is licensed as an architect in the following states - 
  • Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Utah & Wisconsin.

City of Chicago Self-Certified Architect - Steven Panter is certified as a Self-Certified Architect with the City Of Chicago Department Of Buildings (DOB). Steve has extensive, over 22 years, experience expediting building permits through the DOB Self-Certification Permit Program.

City of Chicago Licensed Expediter - Steven Panter is licensed as an Expediter with the City Of Chicago for expediting building permits, zoning permits, pubic way use permits/privileges, business licenses, etc. Steve has extensive (over 29 years) experience expediting in the City Of Chicago. Steve’s expediter license number is 2134571.

Licensed Home Inspector - Steven Panter is licensed as a Home Inspector ​by the State of Illinois.

Practicing sustainable design since the beginning. Steven Panter was born, educated and commenced his career in Idaho which is one of the richest and most varied botanical states in the country. Idaho has the largest designated wilderness area in the lower 48 states and 62 percent of the state is public land. Needless to say, this significantly impacted Steve’s awareness of the environment and the architectural education which Steve received at the University Of Idaho. At the very beginning of Steve’s career, Steve worked on projects (as an employee in architecture and engineering firms) in the late 1970s and early 1980s which included passive solar, active solar, composting systems, gray water systems, super-insulated and low air infiltration building envelopes, geothermal heat-pump (hot water well supplied) heating systems, attention to building orientation/site planning, associated feasibility and energy use analysis, etc., for commercial and residential building projects. Panter Associates is knowledgeable regarding the requirements of Energy Conservation codes and is prepared to assist our clients in meeting their project specific energy conservation and sustainable design goals.

Professional Registrations, Licenses and Certifications - 
Environmentally Friendly (Green) Design Comes Naturally -